Conferences and Events

Conference on Curiosity and Complexity

Zuckerman Institute, Columbia University

Forthcoming Spring, 2020; stay tuned

Research Cluster on Curiosity - Ongoing 

Center for Science and Society, Columbia University

Philadelphia, 2018

Co-organized with Pierre-Yves Oudeyer, Arjun Shankar, and Perry Zurn

London, 2016

Co-organized with Pierre-Yves Oudeyer and Teodora Gliga

Bordeaux, 2014

Co-organized with Pierre-Yves Oudeyer and Manuel Lopes


YouTube Video

Information sampling in neuroscience and economics.

Choose to Be Curious

Podcast with Lynn Borton.


Curiosity in artificial intelligence and education.

Wall Street Journal

Smart phones and distractability.

Curious Robots

Machines programmed to explore.