Jacqueline Gottlieb, principal investigator


Jacqueline's work focuses on the neural mechanisms of attention and decision making, with an emphasis on the frontal and parietal cortex. Jacqueline completed her undergraduate degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, her PhD in Neurobiology at Yale University under the supervision of Prof. Charlie Bruce, and her postdoctoral training at the National Eye Institute under the mentorship of Dr. Michael Goldberg. She joined the neuroscience faculty at Columbia University in 2001. CV

Nicholas Foley 
postdoctoral associate

Nicholas Singletary
PhD candidate


Javier Dominguez Zamora
postdoctoral associate

Michael Cohanpour
PhD candidate


Leo Yuhao Jin
PhD student
Yvonne Li 
PhD student

Erfan Zabeh 
PhD student

Louise Hviid
visiting student
Isabella Rischall
research assistant



Pierre-Yves Oudeyer 

INRIA, Bordeaux, France

Michael Woodford

Department of Economics, Columbia University

Guillermo Horga

Department of Psychiatry, Columbia University

Josh Jacobs

Department of Biomed. Engineering, Columbia University

Clayton Hickey

Department of Psychology, University of Birmingham, UK

Roshan Cools

Donders Institute, Netherlands

Manuel Lopes

Instituto Superior Tecnico, Portugal

Floris deLange

Donders Institute, Netherlands

Robert Wilson

University of Arizona


Elliot Ludvig

University of Warwick


Ifat Levy

Yale University

Antoni Rodriguez-Fornells

Barcelona, Spain

Reza Lashgari

IPM, Iran

Mariam Aly

Department of Psychology, Columbia University


Reza Lashgari


Sinjihn Smith


Isaac Bohart


Adrien Baranes


Alexander Cary Garnick 

Kenji Kobayashi

Ian Eisenberg

Antoni Rodriguez-Fornells




David Jangraw 


Mototaka Suzuki


Simon Kelly


Dan Vatterott 

Andrew John DeAngelis


You-Nah Jeon  

Mattias Patryck Dyreborg Horan 

Laura Hunter



Himanshu Mhatre


Timothy Gersch


Puiu Balan

Jung Uk Kang

Silvio Ravaioli 

Nabil Daddaoua

Amin Nejatbakhsh

Angela Radulescu